The Right Time To Upgrade To Ga4 Is Now

You have probably heard about the upcoming change in Google Analytics—when Google Analytics 4, a.k.a. GA4, will replace Universal Analytics. Many people are talking about the upgrade, which is great, but the timeframe to implement the upgrade is more immediate than many might think, and here’s why: 

When GA4 retires Universal Analytics, businesses should have at least 1 year of data in place so they can make valuable data observations and, ultimately, smarter marketing decisions.

What does this mean and when?

  • On July 1, 2023, data will stop being processed via standard Universal Analytics properties (October 1, 2023 for Analytics 360 properties).
  • This means that everyone should get the instance of GA4 started as soon as possible—no later than June 2022—so they have enough historical data in place to make year over year observations. In addition, that gives users enough time to compare data captured from both Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4 concurrently. 

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If you are in a panic, don’t be. You are not alone, and Google has provided plenty of instructions for you to follow. Also, they have outlined the differences between Universal Analytics and GA4 in case you are interested in learning about them.
Things to know:

  • Targeting for your campaigns will be stronger since you will be able to create segments based on events.
  • Data is focused on user engagement and how users are interacting with your content or website providing plenty of more meaningful insights.
  • Both the Firebase Analytics data from apps and Google Analytics data from websites are combined in GA4, allowing a business to see the whole picture of engagement.
  • Enhanced metrics including predictive insights will be available, such as: Purchase Probability, Churn Probability, and Revenue Prediction.
  • Google Analytics 360 properties will receive a one-time processing extension ending on October 1, 2023.

We’ve been working closely with our clients to upgrade to GA4 for several months now. If you are ready to meet the next generation of Google Analytics, but need assistance, we are here to help. Contact us anytime. We’d love to hear from you!


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