How Life Events Impact Search Behavior, Interests, And Habits

The way we market our products and services is constantly changing; we have seen this in the past and we will continue to see this in the future. Why? Because when something affects our lives, as we have experienced personally the past two years, interests and habits are likely to change as a result.

​Google released their 2021 Search Insights, and as always, did not fail us. Within these insights is a first-hand look at how our changing world is impacting customer actions. Below are a few of the points to call out from their findings:

A Mixture of In Person and Remote Experiences
While people may be more likely to be out in person now, there is still a need and want for in-person and remote experience options. For example, they stated a +100% YOY increase in searches containing “fancy restaurants near me.”

Both Outdoor and Indoor Entertainment
There was still a want for outdoor experiences in 2021, but with that, there was also an increasing desire for experiencing indoor entertainment such as live performances and sporting events. For example, Google cited the following statistic: there was a +600% YOY increase in searches containing “stadium seating” from June to July. This means that marketing teams had additional ways to reach their audiences.

Improved or Changing Living Situations
Another noteworthy point from their insights is that people were looking for home upgrades or moves in 2021 more than they were the year prior. There can be many reasons for this: companies continuing to allow their employees to work remotely, low mortgage rates, etc. There was a +10,000% YOY increase in searches containing “address change us post office” and a +400% YOY increase in searches containing “budget small bathroom ideas.”

Outsourcing Services
In 2021 compared to 2020, people got back into the groove of outsourcing service experts to help them with tasks such as cleaning, moving, and home repairs. A couple of the stats to support this include: a +100% YOY increase in searches containing “handyman near me,” +100% YOY increase in searches containing “house cleaning services near me,” and +100% YOY increase in searches containing “lawn mowing service near me.” It is important to know that people are welcoming these services again.

Affordability Matters
While people were willing to outsource and pay for services, they also paid close attention to costs. For example, there was a +200% YOY increase in searches containing “buy now pay later apps” and a +100% YOY increase in searches containing “low budget.”

Sustainability is More Important
Another observation from Google’s 2021 Search Insights is how customers are more aware of sustainability and community. They shared that “over 80% of people say sustainability is more top of mind now than before the pandemic.” Some of their search insights included a +100% YOY increase in searches containing “electric vehicle charging,” a +30% YOY increase in searches containing “sustainability” such as “environmental sustainability,” and a +100% YOY increase in searches containing “donation centers near me” including “food donation centers near me.” If your company is making changes for the better in these areas, perhaps consider making your customers aware.

Users’ search behavior continues to provide insights into interests, priorities, trends, and habits that are likely to last. Explore what the world is searching.

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