2014 Millennial Mom Report- The Best Way To Reach And Connect With Millennial Moms Is Via Their Smartphones.

Recently, BabyCenter posted the findings from its 2014 Millennial Mom Report. The key takeaway for marketers: The best way to reach and connect with Millennial Moms is via their smartphones. 

If you’re like me, you may be wondering who is the Millennial Mom and why do they matter?  Millennial moms are women between the ages of 18 and 34 and it’s reported that they are a large segment with huge spending power.  There are about 84mm US adults aged 18-34 with approximately $1.3t in annual spending and another $430b in discretionary spending and the majority (83%) are “new” moms. Though, I have to admit, when reading this report the findings seem to be very much in line with women I know who are in my age group 40+. It’s not surprising that smartphones are becoming the number one way in which this group is accessing the web.  Our phones are everywhere we are, always.  I just read another interesting article published by Real Simple Magazine (Women and Technology – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly) which reported that 76% of women check their smartphones at least once an hour and that 47% keep their smartphone on their nightstands so they can check them first thing in the morning.

There’s no question that we all are using our gadgets, in this case, smartphones more than ever before.  We now have more opportunity to do so whether it’s to check the weather, our calendar, text messages, emails, looking up recipes, and of course, checking social media.  According to this report, 44% of Millennial Moms have made a purchase on their smartphones in the past week. Seventy-nine percent access social media on their smartphones or tablets.

This report also finds that Millennial Moms spend, on average, 8.3 hours daily consuming some type of media. The amount of this time is devoted mostly to smartphones and tablets – much more than time on a laptop or personal computer. 

You can read the highlights of the report here: Millennial Mom Report by Babycenter

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